Air Pollution — How can you be safer?

Should I be worried about Air Pollution at all?

Short answer, yes. Very worried.

Reducing exposure to Air Pollution

Ambient air pollution is not the same as your exposure to that pollution. To take a simple example, a measurement station at a busy traffic junction would record high level of many pollutants. And yet, you can reduce your exposure to these pollutants simply by not staying at the junction more than necessary. We have very little control on ambient air pollution but have more control on our exposure to it.

Reducing the ambient pollution in your area

Here is a summary of the main sources of pollution and suggested solutions.

  • Encourage your building or your society to grow trees and creepers as green curtains especially between your place of residence and a source of pollution like a busy road.
  • Help provide electric heaters to people whose work may force them to stay outdoors at night for example, watchmen. When it gets cold they may burn wood or worse plastic waste and negatively impact their health and yours.
  • This report suggested that local governments have started implementing rules for construction and for storage of construction material. Help ensure that the rules are followed for construction projects in your area.

Be aware and spread awareness

If all the preceding paragraphs sound like too little then it is because it is too little. The power of an individual to attack a collective problem like air pollution is limited. The society as a whole needs to act and the first step is understanding the problem. Click here to quickly and sharply increase your understanding of the issue. Check out these resources if you want to dive deeper into the subject.



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