Matters of Life and Death in India

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How long can you expect to live?

How long you expect to live depends on how old you are. Life expectancy at birth is the expected life of a person born in a particular year in that year. The life expectancy of a person born in 2015 in India is 69 years.

Source: World Bank (

How many die and why?

The Sample Registration System estimated the Crude Death rate (CDR) for the country at 6.2 in 2018. That is, there were 6.2 deaths for every 1000 people in the year. For a total population of 1.36 Billion, this comes to 8.4 Million deaths every year or 0.7 Million deaths every month. Incidentally, the CDR is much higher (more than 9) in more developed places like Europe, United States and Japan as their populations are significantly older. What do people die of in India?

Source: Presentation, Cause of death in India 2010–13 (, retrieved June 2020)


· The life expectancy at birth in India has been steadily increasing and is now nearly 70 years.



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